To the owner of HBAR account 0.0.27051


You just received 32,000 HBAR from binance. This was a mistake on my end. If you own this account, please DM me and we can work something out. I mistakenly withdrew from Binance and one digit in my account number was off.

If you don’t need the money – please DM me and you can keep 10,000 HBAR as a reward.

If you need the money, consider it a benevolent gift. I have been blessed with cryptocurrency and the $3,000 will not change my life, but I don’t want the HBAR to be lost forever.

Please upvote for visibility – this money could change someones life and I don’t want it to be lost forever. I believe someone, some time ago, created that account or else the tx wouldn’t have gone through.

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