To all the small hodlers, keeping your crypto on an exchange might actually be the best thing to do for you


You might’ve seen people or posts on this sub saying that keeping coins in a wallet is the best way to hodl. This is correct.. but only if you have enough of a coin that you will be able to cover transfer fee expenses which vary from coin to coin.

But not everyone can afford to buy large numbers of coins. It’s tempting to take the coins off an exchange, consider the amount of fees that you will need to pay. An example is ETH fees, the fees are in the double digits.. which can be as much or almost as much as some people may actually own. This applies to many other coins as well.

Another point is that exchanges are more secure now. They store crypto with high security measures. And you should enable things like 2FA to keep your account even more secure. So there is no need to worry about your coins being in danger. But keep in mind you should use a wallet for coins with low transfer fees.

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