To all of you who keep chasing that 100x coin for f*ck you money; if today’s dip shook you, you would never HODL to get those gains


There’s a reason that people get excited about stories of people who struck it Lambo rich from putting $50 into crypto; it doesn’t happen often. If it did, you would be as tired of hearing about it as you are of today’s “buy the dip” posts

For every person you hear of striking gold on an unknown alt, there are hundreds or thousands of others who jumped ship on their original coin during times of trouble. Today just shows that even if you did manage to find the golden ticket, you need an iron clad mindset to hodl that bitch through thick and thin.

This is why it’s so crucial to invest money you can afford to lose and pick a project you believe passionately in. It gives you the opportunity to ride that mofo into the sunset since you really don’t give a fuck if it goes to zero or not. Your options aren’t limited and you can ride that wave alllllllllll the way to the top or the bottom.

Or you’re Keith Gill and you hang the fuck in there no matter what.

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