Tinyman – Algorand DEX:)


Hey guys,

Some of you might know about it, but most of you probably never heard about Tinyman.

What is it?

Long story short – Algo ASA tokens exchange. It’s a decentralized trading protocol, allowing users to trade or provide liquidity to Algo ASA tokens. Many of these tokens is still not even listed on official exchanges, so if you are looking for some interesting projects, which are just starting, you can find them here. I am talking about projects like:

– Headline Crypto – unbiased news with own token

– AlgoGems – NTF marketplace with free minting and interesting roadmap

– Yieldly – Algorand crosschain swap (right now just ETH/Algo, but more are on the way), no loss lottery, multi-asset staking, NTF lottery

– Opulous – basically a DeFi for musicans

– Freckle – well…interesting project which makes airdrops supereasy (so if you want to make a shitcoin and make some airdrop, try it here:D ).

User experience

Fast and smooth. If you have some Algo and want to try to trade it or provide a liquidity, just go to tinyman.org and try it and if you want to check prices of ASA’s look at tinychart.org :).

P.S.: Sorry, It´s a repost from yeasterday. It was more than 50 posts abou Algo here, so it was deleted (even through it´s not about Algo itself, but about it´s ecosystem).

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