Those who all asked for the dip , well now you have it but are you buying the dip?


Btc at 54K , Eth at 4070 , Ada at 1.54 and many more falling today especially on black friday which is great if you stashing for the long term. Everytime when a high forms people ask for the dip saying they’ll go in more when there’s a dip well here it is but have you really bought the dip?

Everytime we have a dip either few sell them because of panic or argue because they bought the high without even thinking about the investment. If you are here for the long run these are some of the great opportunities to buy them. Remember be greedy when the street is fearful. I can’t say this as a major dip as we’ve seen much worse during this year but if history repeats itself like last year , this could be the lowest point like 18K we had last year which was never breached again.

TLDR :- buy the dip and Hodl them

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