This subreddit has actually been pretty beneficial in my crypto endeavors


I think it’s easy to point out the flaws in a subreddit. And some of the major ones I’ve heard over my short 12-month membership are as follows:

“This sub has become nothing but a bunch of moon farmers” “This sub gives awful crypto advice” “This sub has truly fallen apart”

I just don’t agree.

1) Sure, folks “farm for moons”. But you know what that’s actually crazy that we’ve reached a point in tech where people can be incentivized. And sure, there’s some trash posts. But did moons really take away from quality? Or did the crypto market grow flipping 10x over the past 18 months? It grew over the past 18 months. And with rookies comes a learning curve. So chill out and appreciate the freaking innovation of actually incentivizing posts.

2) I’ve had some very useful pieces of advice handed to me in this sub either by browsing posts or by people giving me feedback. I heard first-hand from multiple people present during the 2017 bull-run that told me their wild experiences and how they compare and contrast to what we see in 2021 leading into the new year. I learned about some incredible tech that monitors crypto mentions across social media (Check out the memeberg terminal). I’ve been in some intense arguments where I learn perspective on different projects. Sure folks can get defensive but dang it if I didn’t learn from those people (and also disagree haha)

3) I’ve learned that I’m not the only one that makes mistakes. And that’s huge, because I wouldn’t have learned how to properly respond to those investment mistakes if it wasn’t for this community.

4) This one could maybe be tied in with 3, but it makes it easier to HODL when I see that others have the exact same reaction as I do to the market. And it’s fun to joke around with everyone about FOMO’ing into a project and selling low. But it’s taught me more about ignoring emotions as an investor.

5) I’ve learned to always accept rewards from Nigerian princes and be friends with and accept chats from single hott girls in my area trying to date my mug cause they heard me talk about BTC on r/cc. Where would I be without all these princes.

Anyways, just pointing out a few reasons I like this sub to give perspective that what was built here is actually very beneficial.


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