This subreddit failed to discuss’s $100 Million marketing push when it was announced. We have gone from news oriented to price reactionary


On October 28th announced a 100 million dollar marketing push. The most I can find talking about it from this subreddit is a 300 upvote post mentioning the Matt Damon deal.

Now there are plenty of posts talking about the push as people are seeing CRO double in a week, but we need to ask ourselves why did news like this fly under the radar to begin with. I’ve noticed more and more this subreddit talks about the coins that pumped yesterday rather than developments that may lead to the next pump.

I’m not going to pretend I’m not chasing pumps but I would like to come to this subreddit to discuss news and developments, not to bandwagon hop. Either we need to start downvoting needless price speculation posts and focus on industry updates or we need to spin off another subreddit like r/cryptotechnology

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