This sub likes to hate the Dogecoin millionaire for among other things, holding to the top and back down. What is your story about doing the same?


Now that we’re in the grips of the crypto winter all of our favorite coins are significantly down.

BTC ATH over 69K currently below $28K

ETH ATH nearly $5K currently below $1,500

ADA ATH around $3 currently $.53

ALGO ATH around $2.50 currently $.34

LRC ATH around $3.50 currently $.44

Matic ATH $2.87 currently around $.53

Doge ATH around $.75 currently around $.066

(Not a favorite) SOL ATH around $260 currently $33.

So knowing nearly all Alts are in the same place, and most of us have watched unrealized profits vanish…

Fellow degens what is your story of holding all the way to the top… and back down – I’m sure the former “Dogecoin Millionaire” isn’t alone any more.

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