This sub feels less like group of investors debating over tech and more like drunk gamblers throwing money on horse races.


It’s not a rant, Im just really confused how things change so quickly.
There was a time when people here focused more on the King, on the fundamentals, people discussed serious projects, innovations and different use cases of crypto and adoption.
People used to form their own opinions from reading up on projects, not braindead parroting what they glanced over scrolling through an article or read in a one-liner here.

Nowadays everybody’s got their focus on that one overhyped coin that’s going to a 100x by the end of the year. Nobody’s even read the whitepaper on it, but hey, so much hype, it’s gotta be the next moonshot!
And when it ”does a Squid” newcomers get burned hard and leave the market for good.
I get it’s survival of the fittest, but this shilling doesn’t help with Adoption, does it?

When was the last time you saw a discussion on the King?2-3x by the end of market cycle? Heell no, that’s not enough, we want 10x in a month!
Nobody is happy with 3-5x in 6 months, people want quick gains over night and that’s it.
Right now, stop any pedestrian on the street and ask them if they want 2x on their money in 3 months. About 95% would think that’s too good to be true and in the normal world it is too good to be true.

It really feels like a group of drunks walked in a Vegas casino trying to choose the one winning slot machine out of a thousand slot machines.
Crypto does change things, sadly not always in a positive way.

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