This sub always says to not talk about crypto with friends/family, but crypto is the first time I share a passion with my dad and its awesome.


I’ve always had a great relationship with my dad. However, we always had different hobbies/passions. He always was so passionate to talk about sports, but to be honest, I don’t really like or care about sports, so I just stood there listening to him without much to say.

When I introduced him to crypto, everything changed. Since then, I’ve spent hours and hours talking with him about everything related to crypto. We love discussing about new blockchains, the future of crypto and more. He liked crypto so much that is now learning to code smart contracts. Obviously, we still talk about others thinks that are not related to crypto, but I feel that sharing a passion for the first time has strengthened our relationship.

My advice would be that everyone has a different relationship with their friends/family, and not saying you invest in crypto may help you to prevent future problems with them. However, maybe they start liking crypto and you both share a passion.

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