This right now is peak crypto-fear. If you are still sticking to Crypto you are truly a holder and you can go through the worst bear markets.


Bitcoin just made its wickets below 28 and even further down to 25k. Luna is basically going down in a literally straight line and achieved 1$ before even UST. We got over a billion long liquidations. Today the markets just shed $200B alone from the combined market cap. This is not everyday Crypto, this is historical.

With that it’s highly impressive if you are still sticking around here and possibly even filling your bags with this discount. You are literally surviving one of the biggest bear markets in Crypto history while reading this, you are actually one of the last ones still actively being here. That’s called a holder and not someone who holds during 1000% gains.

But obviously it’s not bad either if you need to catch some fresh air outside of the markets. Because at the end of the day your health is more important than Crypto.

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