This place has straight up died, which is good for you and me.


You wanna know what makes me excited? Opportunity, you can call it morbid but everyone is excited by different things. It’s interesting to me how a few big players prop up the market and it’s no more apparent than now.

Just look at this sub, a month ago even during that massive downturn we still had some discussions. The new posts page is a straight up cemetery, beyond a couple news articles that gets posted there’s nothing. Outside this sub most people hate crypto, actively talking it down completely if you even mention it.

This is the start of winter, the crypto winter that is. This is the time that will test those that truly believe and are staying and averaging in until the next bull market. If you can manage to hold on, and it won’t be easy you may just have what it takes to quit a regular job and live financially free.

None of that ‘ financial freedom ‘ stuff is of course guaranteed, but the people that have made it in this market are the ones that planned and stayed. If you can ignore your emotions, you can secure financial promotions!

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