This last LTC x Walmart fake news should reflect bad on the media, not crypto


This is so much bullshit, every news outlet published like it was real, even Reuters for god’s sake.

Everyone that works at a respected journalism firm and publishes something without due diligence should be fired immediately.

What happened to real trustworthy content? We need random Twitter people to verify these claims??

It just looks bad on the media overall, not on crypto!

This was obviouslly market manipulation and news outlets followed it like the clickbait whores they are without proper diligence.

EDIT: this also is really shitty from LTC, that confirmed it via twitter only to delete it later. If it was such a huge decision of course the Walmart people would have contacted LTC.

Reposting it after some blogs is really stupid or shady, eitherway they should also be held accountable

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