This isn’t 2017, you won’t become an “overnight millionaire” and that’s not a bad thing.


Crypto’s market cap has grown incredibly the last 4 years. More and more media attention has caused continuous waves of new faces looking for the life changing gains of the previous period.

This sub, and others too have become saturated with new investors hoping to turn a couple $100 into $100,000 or even $1,000,000. That’s nice to joke about, but it’s not realistic, atleast not anymore. The market has matured and that’s a good sign, the growth of Crypto is still in its early stages that’s not to be debated. But we’ve moved beyond the stage where you can 100x your principal. (Excluding shitcoins/moonshots/gambling) Crypto has become a mature investment, the possibility of earning anywhere from 10% to 100% a year is amazing.

Investing is a long term thing, you wanna retire early right? Then think about the long term, not the short term. Increasing your networth by 10% a year is an amazing achievement financially. This is perfectly achievable in the current state of the market, I’m going to say that 10% is the absolute minimum any investor can expect to achieve in a year. Obviously if you were to provide liquidity or delegate your assets you could see a return of up to 100% or more. But for simplicity sake I will only be referencing the 10% figure.

If you had $10,000 savings in your current account, at the end of the year you’d still have $10,000 + interest, which in most cases is < 0.1%. Whereas if you instead decided to put your $10,000 savings into Crypto you’d now have ~$11,000. The following year, provided you didn’t add any additional principal, you’d now have ~$12,100.

$10,000 in 10 years would leave you with an end value of $25,937.42. $15,937.42 of which is purely compounded interest(at a yearly rate).

That’s a significant increase in wealth without any additional contributions on your behalf. If you truly believe Crypto has a future then you should not sell, not now, not in 5 years. If you wanna make the most of this maturing market then you’d be best of adding additional contributions to your portfolio in order to maximize your gains over time.

Static money is lost money, put your money to work and you may very well retire early. Would you rather spend that money on a Lambo and be a poor person with a nice car, or continuously compound your interests and contribute towards building a strong lasting networth? It’s your choice to make, this isn’t financial advise, I’m not a financial advisor, have fun and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose!

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