This is your opportunity to fight instant gratification


We live in an era of instant gratification. Most people are getting used to the fact that they can have information, goods, pleasure, etc. in a very short time. Fueled by all the social media reality examples of how successful people are or how happy they are with what they have or what they are doing, you are put in a position where you feel off not being that “good”.

In cryptocurrency we see these instant gratification examples too, and the created expectations that you should be a millionaire quick, if not you failed.

Obviously, as most things in life, succes usually doesn’t happen overnight. We are now in a bear market where you will only survive being not inclined to achieve instant gratification. This is where patience, and good research, and slow investing strategies will create your success in the future. Now is your opportunity to show yourself that instant gratification isn’t sustainable. If you enjoy today, invest wisely, and stick around, you will likely be the person with results later. Not now, not instantaneous, later.

Fight the instant gratification and build on sustainable success. And don’t forget to enjoy whatever you have now.

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