This is why crypto currency is so popular in 3rd world countries like mine.


Since the last 2 years crypto coins (especially Bitcoin) became a trend in Argentina, publicity, news and radio where talking about it, explaining what’s an NFT was.

Few polls made by some diaries showed 37% of Argentines where interested in crypto and 2% owns crypto in some way.

You might ask you, why so much people knows and want to own crypto?

Well here comes why.

Argentina has been in an economic crisis since forever, but the last was in 2001, after this the dollar started to grown in an unstoppable way.

2001: 0,99 $

2005: 2,95$

2009: 3,48$

2013: 4,97$

2015: 8,63 $

2019: 37,29 $

December 12th 2021: 101,53$ (Plus 65% Tax: 167,52$)

And I have to mention we have like 6 type of changes for the dollar: Oficial, Liqui, Blue and Solidario, and you can’t bought more than 200 USD per month.

Oficial: The central bank and other bank entities works Liqui: Price used for companies to import and export Blue: Price used in the black market (202$ right now) Solidario Price a Bank or Bank entity sells you each dollar (167,52$)

The inflation since 2001 in all product it’s 10179,58%.

Extra data : Most of salaries here are around 230-260 USD.

Coming back to Crypto, here in Argentina there’s no tax or anything like that, people bought USDT because they can’t bought dollars, others bought Bitcoin as a long term investment and the last ones bought rising coins hoping they can have a better life out of it.

The crypto market here is growing fast and strong, there’s a lot of people selling mine rigs, toughing other about crypto, publicity and especially investors.

In my particular case I’m doing a DCA of 80 USD every paycheck, hoping someday I can build my house!

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