This is no longer a pro-crypto sub, this is a copy of the buttcoin sub and brigaded by the same people


The amount of toxicity, FUD and pure hatred, up to boycot of certain projects in this subreddit has become insane.

You people are salty the prices are down, you lost money, now you want to burn it all down.

Now you shit talk all stable coins, that is almost like you know how you can kill crypto for good, almost like it’s your agenda. Almost like you are working in the interest of the elites who like to keep their infinite fiat printing scam continue to go brrrrrt.

You WANT the next stable coin to lose peg, so you can make your little FUD threads, look how stablecoin X went from $1.00 to $0.9998 – THIS WILL BE THE NEXT UST

Yes. This sub has been overrun by anti-crypto provocateurs, feasting on the fear and accelerating the sell-offs.

Anyone new to crypto, coming here, sees a burning shithole and will take his money and be done with crypto before even starting to put a single Dollar into it.

If this continues, there will be no next bull run. You want to see crypto fail, this is no longer a pro-crypto sub, it’s not even a crypto NEUTRAL sub anynore.

Instead of seeing the incredible news of accelerating adoption across the board at the top, we see FUD and smear threads with thousands of upvotes, whether they votes are organic or not, no one knows.

It’s a hate sub now and I will avoid this place in the future.

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