This is just the beginning. We’re a few months from feeling the full brunt of global food shortages, climate crises, and major issues that we aren’t being told. Don’t go all in right now.


Will crypto last through all of it?

More than likely. Crypto price runs on hype and hope and there’s gonna be both during a major downturn.

That being said, it’s still speculative, and will continue to be until/if there’s good reason for everyone to interact with it. And speculative investments are NOT where the money stays during major downturns.

You know what does go to the moon? Layoffs, interest rates, political and social strife, corruption, disease, death.

That’s what to prepare for. Have a safety net of some kind. Do you have savings for if you or your partner(s) get laid off?

What do you do if the place you’re renting gets sold off to cover some landlord’s margin, and the new buyer raises your rents past what you can afford?

Do you have skills and network and savings to survive if suddenly your luck goes worse for 3-6 months?

If not, that’s where to focus.

Learn from the past.

P.S. some of the biggest false rallies happen during downturns, so try to stick to whatever DCA/plan you have and try to avoid fomoing in more.

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