THIS is a bear market



If you made it this far. Welcome, we have arrived to a bear market.

Volume is really low across all pairs for days, weeks, even a couple of months now. Even Binance had to add zero fees trading on BTC pairs so that volume could spike a little.

Take away the FTX fiasco everything has been really quiet & stable. Everyone who had to flush, sell & did not believe in what they bought already sold. Everyone who holds X or Y project believe in it and will not sell.

I will not reveal my holdings but even after being at a significant % loss on some altcoins I will still buy them because I believe they will succeed.

So now we are all either screwed and left holding the bags of something good will come. Also, if you have a large % of the supply of tokens it’s hard because you have no exit liquidity for selling them.

Do you think we can keep dumping much more? Or do you believe we will crab our way into 2023 just like we did in 2019?

EDIT: for many critics, I’m saying the real bear market has low volatility and low volume, and we have been having that for a whole now

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