This Flash Crash is Why Crypto Won’t Be Mainstream For Awhile


I mean how bad do you feel for all the El Salvadorans that bought yesterday. We just got a 25% dip in most coins in less than an hour.

This is one reason why we aren’t even close to being mainstream. This will scare so many investors and consumers away. To see their portfolio drop by 25% in less than 12 hours. They woke up with a quarter of their portfolio gone.

Yes I do think this is just taking profits and a panic sale. Great time to stock up on crypto at a major discount. But still this is the crazy stuff that will keep crypto from being mainstream for awhile.

Also another reason why taking profits is a good idea! If you don’t have fiat available. Maybe take profits next time so you’ll have spending money on the next dip.

Anyone else get any good deals or catch the drop? Good luck everyone!

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