This browser game should not be worth 8.8 Billion $


Any gamers here? I have a rant to make.

Decentraland. Probably everyone here heard of it. And many also bought and sell MANA. But how many of you actually even visited the website? It is now worth 4.87$ a token, with over 8.8 billion market cap. Now, I know how hard it is to make a game, and the fact that market cap doesn’t reflect a realistic value for a blockchain game.

However, the game is utterly shit. It is a browser game to start with. In my 10 minutes of gameplay, there is one annoying background music playing on a loop. The graphics are of course bad as expected. I don’t think they even bothered to properly texture some stuff.


The character creating screen

You have two shapes and a bunch of free stuff to use. I think you can buy NFTs (worth probably thousands!) as avatars, which is cool I guess.

The Main Menu

This is where you start. There are a bunch of places you can teleport and a gaping blue asshole in the middle.

Emotes I guess

Not much to talk about.

The “Casino”

At first I thought the “casino” was an empty shell. But it turns out there are invisible desks I can’t interact with. Not sure if these didn’t load in my computer or something else happened. I think there are like 3 casinos on the map.

Mining Minigame

I have no idea how this works since I am on a guest account. You can pay 10 mana and buy 100 coins on a stand you can accidentally left click too.

Decentraland in its core is a glorified casino game which was heavily influenced by second life. I don’t think any adult who buys and sells thousands would legitimately play this game. The bubble is expanding as I write this post. What do you think, fellow cryptocurrency members?

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