This bloodbath is not a problem for me. The real problem is the lack of money to buy the bloodbath


I am sure that I speak for the most of this sub when I say that we are running out of or have completely run out of money. Also, when you have a long term investing strategy in mind, it’s much easier to hold through these times.

There’s been a lot of great opportunities to buy the dips recently but I find myself without cash very quickly because I just go all-in when I think that the market has bottomed out.

This is also another lesson to never invest all in but to always keep some cash with you.

My advice is to always keep a certain % of your net worth in cash. Around normal markets, I would advise holding about 10% in cash. In a bearish market like this one, around 30%. Of course everyone has their own strategy and you can do what you think is best for you.

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