Things you can do to get FIAT to buy the dip


Since all our beloved coins are on fire-sale, here’s a quick reminder about what you can do to buy the dip:

Sell your blood (actually recommended)

Sell your semen (absolutely recommended)

Sell the expensive guitar you bought to impress your girlfriend even though you can’t play Wonderwall

Get a second job

Get a first job

Don’t get a blowjob

Give blowjobs

Sell your car (1 Fiat = 1 FIAT)

Sell your neighbour’s car

Sell your kidney

Pimp your girlfriend

Pimp yourself

Snort less (not recommended)

Cook meth (worked well in Breaking Bad, so why shouldn’t it work for you?)

Mine BTC until your electricity bill comes in, then go to your good-for-nothing son and pretend he was using up 3000 kilowatts on his nightly Fortnite sessions and deduct from his allowance

While you’re at it: take your son’s allowance for no reason

Throw away your dignity and grind moons like a true hero

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