Things to know about MOONs


This post is a quick summary of everything we need to know about them MOONs. I will try to make it simple and straightforward for us all.

It is a community point for the people in this sub. You get it through upvotes. To receive them you will have to activate your vault through the mobile app of Reddit. It is distributed every 28 days. There is a snapshot 7 days before the distribution which calculates how many MOONs we all getting. Keeping your MOONs in the vault grants you a 20% bonus in the next distribution. Voting in the monthly polls gives you an additional bonus. For the first poll, you gain a 5% bonus any after that is 1.25%. MOONs are still on testnet but rumor has it we will see a mainnet soon! MOONs are glorious, MOONs are life.

If there is anything I missed do let me know and I will add them to the list. Snapshot is soon so I wish you all the best of luck and enjoy being MOONed!

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