Things feel likely to continue downtrending. This is the time to: learn about DeFi, play a Blockchain game, begin your coding journey, watch some videos on how crypto works, learn basic econ, learn TA, or get up to speed on market psychology


That’s right. It’s time to invest in yourself. You’ve got a DCA set, right? If not, do that. $5/month into BTC or ETH if nothing else.

Pick a project and play with it. I picked Harmony One. From there I picked up Defi Kingdoms, got into Defi, in general, and self lending. Downloaded an app to learn Blockchain and the basics of Solidity.

For fiat mining I learned my first two ‘programs’ in Python (hello world and guess the number), and got really into networks and how they work and got a part time job training to do IT at the company I was doing other work for. Also, they’re letting me take classes in html, css, js, and PHP over time to help the web team in the future. One step closer to making something in Solidity myself. I also learned the archaic programming language for the database software my company uses and I’ve been helping patch issues that happen there, so there’s lots of logic and problem solving practice.

And in all that. How often do I check the charts? Idk, once a day? Twice a day if I think about it sometime while I’m in bed.

Lesson is. Get to work on something adjacent to speculating on currencies and try to remember that everything is gonna trend down for a minute. You didn’t make a bad choice getting into crypto.

Have fun!

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