They say money cant buy happiness, but it would fix every single one of my problems


I have an ok job, pays the bills but doesn’t give me a ton of extra after, I get by I guess but it’s not lavish and I have to budget a lot ; unforeseen things like car repairs or dental work etc; hits a bit harder and cuts into other bills. There isn’t anything I can think of that wouldn’t be solved with having a good amount of money .

My car is shit and old : new car with money

Most my aches and pains are from over working , less hard work or the ability to go get massages and stuff :fixed with money

My small old ass apartment: boom house on the water with a dock: fixed with money

Almost every single amount of stress is either from worrying about bills or having to do things the hard way. They say more money more problems but I don’t think any of those problems would be worse than being broke lol

I know small amounts of investments don’t make someone rich ( unless you hit the early ones and they take off like shiba or doge etc) but I treat it like a savings account that just has really good interest and at times doubles in value ; when I have a life need I pull some of that savings out .

Everyone invests different; I’m doing it for a better quality of life , no lambos needed here

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