There’s currently 132 Stablecoins out there. Only 50 them are currently pegged.


Take a look at this list. This is almost all of the stablecoins in existance, sorted by market cap. Only 42 of them are currently pegged to the $ and by pegged I mean ranging from $0.99 to $1.01.

UST is still hanging in there casually at $0.024, calling itself a stablecoin as if we wouldn’t notice

Fei USD, #11 by market cap, still hasn’t reclaimed its peg for the past 2 months.

Around 95% of them offer a 10%+ yield in various staking platforms and centralized/decentralized exchanges.

Please, do not blindly trust a stablecoin. There way more stablecoins out there and almost none of them is safe.

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