There’s a guy who the Space Force and Defense Department are paying $250k a year to go to MIT to study Bitcoin for them, to see how they could use its ledger in the same way they use GPS to store and track accurate immutable information. He just got permission to go public with his work.


He’s been talking about it for months on twitter spaces. Look up @ JasonPLowery on twitter to find his account. When looking up his background information, everything looks legit. This is probably what Biden’s advisor meant when he said that his administration was mining Bitcoin, because from what I’ve heard this kid say in those twitter spaces, the stuff he’s trying to do for them would involve mining and much more. His plan is to make Bitcoin the GPS and Atomic Clock of digital information, a solid accurate ledger to store important information away from things like internet rot or wiki edits.

For those who don’t know, our current internet is rotting away. When you search on google, it claims to have billions of results for any subject, but when you search through those subject’s results and actually dig through the pages, you only get on average around 350 to 470 links.

The other billions? They’ve been lost to internet rot, the result of links being lost or destroyed from things like servers going offline, losing the data of billions of results per search, the loss of things you used to be able to find online but can no longer locate.

This apparently is a problem for the government as a lot of those lost links were links used in actual court cases, leading to digital evidence being lost that in some cases have been used to set legal precedents. There’s a lot more to what he’s doing for the military via the usage of Bitcoin’s immutable ledger, but this is what I can remember off the top of my head.

Hopefully he can set up an AMA with the mods one day. I bet this community would be very interested in hearing what he has to say in regards of what he’s doing with using Bitcoin’s immutable blockchain on the most powerful computer network on earth for the Space Force and the Defense Department’s needs.

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