There was a cat coin once, for all those wondering


$GRUMPY was just starting to get big back in March/April when it was memecoin season and it looked like it was a cat to compete with SHIBA and other dog coins. But since the grumpy cat lady is a greedy old hag, she hit the $GRUMPY team with cease and desist. Wouldn’t be too much of a problem but even Uniswap was scared shitless of the Grumpy cat legal team and they delisted the coin, which was probably a first. So much for decentralization.

Anyway, the coin obviously dumped and it kinda killed the cat coin momentum. But some of the community members got together, took over $GRUMPY and rebranded it to PAWTHEREUM. It just launched a few weeks ago. You don’t hear too much about yet it since they’re more focused on donations to animal shelters than relentless shilling over the social media, but they’ve slowly started with the marketing efforts and it’s reflecting on the price action. But the main priority is not being a memecoin, it’s about charity and helping animals. $GRUMPY was the first coin to start with the charity aspect donating like 70-80 thousand dollars in the first month being active. And it wasn’t for the meme like it became later on with other memecoins. $PAWTH is now on the same path of helping not just cats, but all animals.

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