There is no denying that the crypto winter has started. What’s your plan?


Are you going to take the advantage of filling your bags now that some coins/tokens have dropped over 70% from their ATH?

Are you going to sit out on your current bag and wait for it to go back up?

What are some coins/tokens you want to invest in? And why do you think those projects have a future or what makes them more special than other cryptos?

How many of you still think they can make x100 in the next years with their investment they made this year/going to make this year?

I’m personally going to buy a little bit of every current Top 20 coin and then leave it as it is. Maybe 50€ monthly into an ETF and that’s it. And of course going to work as hard as I can since I’m young and it makes me not depended on my investment.

What’s your plan to gain a little bit of financial freedom?

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