There is an eerie connection between my Director who literally disappeared from the face of the Earth and the Shib Billionaire


Okay so lets start,

This all started back up last year around December when my Director was telling me to buy a new “Doge competitor” named Shiba Inu. he brought it up like he brings up anything really, we were super close. so i would talk to him like we were just friends.

i never did buy in until a couple of months later. long story short i know hold about half a bill shib, anyways thats not relevant to this.

the really weird part is that my director started saying things like “Im gonna retire soon” and he only really started saying this until after the price of shib started moving really hard

keep in mind he is an AVID crypto geek and his bag was already super big of BTC and ETH among others, but he never talked about retiring until SHIB did its huge move a couple weeks ago

fast forward to last week. He is literally no where to found.

he doesnt tell anyone from work that he quit., no two weeks notice no nothing. all the texts that we sent him or really any connection to him is gone.

his facebook, linked in and literally any and all social media is gone.

like he just dropped off the face of the earth, and this didnt happen until AFTER shiba inu mooned.

before he left i asked him about his shiba inu position and all he said was “Oh yeah i already sold it”

but he seemed super like, weird before he left. he gave me this huge talk on friday before he didnt show up on monday and was basically saying like “im just giving the last talks to everyone you know”

Edit: im being 100% serious, this is not a joke. not sure if my story came out the wrong way? but this literally happened last week.

he ended up telling me a lot about his life before he left and even said that he would be my mentor (he was already really well off)

but come monday he is literally gone. doesnt respond to texts. doesnt respond to calls, all his social media is deleted.

literally no one knows what happened to him.

but i swear in my gut i feel like he could be the shiba inu whale man

this shit just adds up too perfectly

TL:DR My old Director is probably the $8000 SHIB Billionaire

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