There is a pretty quick and dirty way to tell if a crypto project/game has long term potential


Just look at the economics of the token/s and or NFT’s and ask yourself can this still function using a stablecoin instead?

Can they just reward you with money instead of their tokens for the same price equivalent value, and the project would keep on humming along.

Majority is absolutely not, the project would quickly run completely out of whatever capital they have and would close shop.

They need to rely on dishing out tokens which hopefully users assign a monetary value to but have no initial value to the project, and take all or a cut of that money on the exchange.

That can be fine, as a majority of startups are in the red. Yet the second question is to ask..

Is there a point at which, the project could transition into using stablecoins and what would it need to do to get there?

Take for example a game, would there be a point where the game is developed, popular enough and game economy stable for them to use a stablecoin instead?

Or is the underlying tokenomics relying on the project token to keep increasing in value to draw in new users, as otherwise if the token price goes negative user will dry up and the underlying project economy will tank. That isn’t sustainable, as constant exponential expansion is impossible.

On much more basic level, where is value derived from in your project of choice, and is it sustainable in the long term?

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