There are now 2 Dog coins on the top 10 Cryptocurrencies…


It’s kinda funny how we all keep bashing said meme coins, and they just don’t care, I think it’s time to accept that logics don’t apply anymore, 2 of the top 10 crypto are dog coins, there are actual people getting rich from memes, how crazy is that?

Some of you might feel let down abut this, I know I did, mostly because there are other projects I believe in that aren’t doing nearly as good (SHIB over DOT, the f is wrong with you people 🙁 ) but take your time to think it first before FOMOing, this may be a hype run and there will be a lot fear involved!

How do you guys feel about this, it’s time to stop DYOR and just look for the next big dog coin?

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