The whole “Cryptocurrency mining is bad for the environment” is just one of many giant gaslighting techniques by the government to blame the average Joe for being detrimental to the environment rather than mega corporations and their factories.


You always here about how corporations and the media condescendingly lecture about how we’re supposed to change our lifestyles in order to be greener all while they continue to spew toxic waste materials from their factories and manufacturing plants. What adds to the hypocrisy is that all these “environmentally progressive” leaders use their private jets to go to environment summits to barely pay attention to what’s going on. Also, add to that the active fear-mongering towards nuclear energy, one of the greenest energy sources known to man, and twisting it into a nuclear apocalypse ticking time bomb.

But let’s talk about mining, how it’s detrimental to the environment. No, I’m not talking about cryptocurrency mining, I’m talking about coal mining, which, long before the birth of Cryptocurrency, has been the black stain of the environment and contributed to climate change before crypto mining even existed. What’s worse is that these mining companies use cheap labor in third world countries to mine for coal, which is one of the most dangerous and health hazardous jobs in the world, all for the sake of being as profitable as possible.

All this is happening, yet these pretentious fucks want to lecture us cryptocurrency miners about how we’re a bane to the environment? FUCK off. It wasn’t my fault that oil and natural gas was used as the main power source of nations years before I was born. Countries had to literally invade and destroy nations and other peoples’ lives for oil, yet the same politicians want to point their fingers on miners.

You fucks wanna talk about the environment? Change your main power sources to green energy, and then we’ll talk. But for now, I’m just gonna sit back and mute your voices over the sound of my 80 decibel miner.

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