The (terrifying) % of Totaly Supply of Cryptocurrencies Currently Owned by the Top 100 Addresses…Do you know what (who) you’re investing in?


Like many, when I got into crypto many years ago, I was personally attracted to the idea of a decentralized network, which isn’t owned by an elite few, or some middle-man.

Today, it seems the average newcomer has little to no interest in this principle. Moreover, I find it interesting that many who’ve even been interested/invested in cryptocurrency, continue to show minimal interest in some core principles of economics, such as: Market capitalization, ‘Tokenomics’, reading a whitepaper, trading/investment principals….and possibly most disturbingly Distribution of Tokens (wealth)!

Imagine for a moment a small elite group of 100 people, in control of assets used by millions. Able to manipulate the market at will, and cash in on their centralized game at any time…Its a scary fate to imagine, especially if you’re one of those players in their game.

The truth is that this isn’t imaginary….it’s quite literally what the current cyrpto market looks like…

Enter, Shiba Inu….Where 82.14% of all tokens are owned by just 100 people!

Or even worse Binance…Where 98.8% of USD coin and 95.57% of Binance Coin is owned by the Top 100 holders.

I know what you’re thinking…another post shaming SHIBA, blah, blah, blah….Well, you’re right. But, they’re not alone. Let’s take a look at some of the other most popular crypto currencies, and how they match up (w. sources):

% of total supply of currency owned by Top 100 holders:


Binance USD = 98.8% (Source: Binance Coin = 95.57% (Source: SHIB = 82.14% (Source: Ripple = 80.52% (Source: Dogecoin = 76.33% (Source: Polkadot = 67.25% (Source: USD Coin = 62.16% (Source: Tether = 41.34% (Source: Ethereum = 38.8% (source: Litecoin = 37.82% (Source: Bitcoin Cash = 28.4% (Source: Cardano = 21.77% (Source: Bitcoin = 14.65% (source:

For my fellow visual learners, I made this graph to help with visualize what this looks like:

% of Total Supply Currently Owned by The Top 100 Richest Address Only

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