The Stock Market is Straight Up Bullshit.


After getting involved in crypto and realizing how easy it is to transfer wealth and invest, without every law and regulation trying to fuck us over it’s incredibly empowering and disturbing at the same time.

It’s unfathomable how crooked the stock market is now in comparison. Why do we need $25k to be able to make over three day trades per week? Why do wealthy private investors have access to IPO’s first? Why do massive companies having access to premarket hours and retail traders do not?

After having day traded, invested and gambled in crypto the stock market is an absolute, government-ran joke of a bullshit market, doing everything to fuck over retail traders. This what happens when government puts regulations on ppl making wealth. Meanwhile, crypto making millionaires daily. Why the fuck are we taking so much risk for such shitty rewards in stocks?! I’m done with stocks, go crypto.

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