The skepticism of blockchain in non-crypto communities is out the charts


Context: I made a post on a community for developers in which it is normal to post the code of your open projects for others to comment on it. I have posted many projects in the past, and the community was always very supportive. After all, you are just doing some work and sharing it for free for others to see and use.

This is my first time posting a blockchain-related platform. I got downvoted like never, having to go into discussions with people claiming that all blockchain is pointless and a scam. I almost didn’t talk about the project, it was all negativity, and I felt like I was trying to scam someone. The project is not even DeFi; it’s just a smart contract automation platform that they could use for free.

How can the Blockchain community revert these views? It would be impossible to create massive adoption if most people strongly believe that everything to do with blockchain is just marketing and scams with no useful applications. This was a community of developers who should at least differentiate the tech from the scams; I can not even imagine the sentiment in other communities. Is there something we can do besides trying to explain valid use cases one by one?

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