The Reverse Cramer strikes again! All hail Cramer for our pump today!



So just yesterday, Jim Cramer was asking investors to ‘get out of crypto now’, saying the SEC was going to ‘sweep everything’ out.

Almost immediately, the magic of Inverse Cramer strikes! Today Bitcoin breached 17k, Eth crossed 1.3k and generally alts are up to their highest level in a month. Santa rally and New Year’s rally didn’t happen, what was needed for the markets to pump was actually Cramer’s magic.

Now, let’s go back to the previous Cramer crypto call before yesterday. 24th December, Cramer said he wouldn’t touch LTC and SOL ‘in a million years’ and urged all the holders to get out.

Some people thought – has Cramer changed? A shitcoin like Solana, most people thought it was dying.. surely it’s sensible to exit right? Has the Inverse Cramer lost its magic this time round?

But no! I’m telling ya, the Inverse Cramer even works for shitcoin and dead coins. SOL is up 20% for the daily, and up nearly 50% from the point Cramer asked you to get out- just 2 weeks ago!

So lads, never doubt the Inverse Cramer. It’s the only advice I can ever trust- Don’t listen to your FA, your influencer, your mom or your fellow Redditor – but you can always bank on some Cramer magic!

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