The real GOAL that I want to achieve with Crypto is to finally have a full week in my life where I am not thinking about my financial situation.


This is the real goal that I want to achieve. It’s not about not working any day longer in my life, or to have so much financial security that I don’t have to think about how much I spend or how much I have.

I just want to have a FULL WEEK, without thinking about Money, bills, loans and unexpected expenses that keep on coming.

I just want to get some gains that will cover my ongoing debts, so I can have a full week of a mental vacation where I just want to sit down and look into the distance without having thoughts about “how will I survive this year” or “where can I get some extra income so I can cover my expenses” or the worst one that comes just before you go to sleep: “Let’s do some calculations and count all expenses”.

I am not sure what your ambition is, but I have a general feedback that a lot of you have a rather modest backround, and that we all try to make a living and to get some luck by cashing out some gains using crypto that will help us big time to survive and cover some expenses that are like a burden.

Just a full week – this is it. This is step number one, everything beyond that, I will consider a blessing and a wonder.

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