The r/Cryptocurrency Special Membership cost has been reduced to 100 moons for purchase, 90% decrease from the existed 1000 moons


After the pass of the poll –

CCIP-025Algorithmic MOONs Pricing for Reddit Special Membership

The purchase for the special membership has been reduced to 100 moons, that means Anyone who got minimum 361 karma last round will be able to afford the special membership, while the existing one was 1000 moons which was not that great idea,

The changed value

People who don’t know what special membership is, you see many people with color to their usernames? many people who comments with gif?, yeh with special membership you get to be in the cool kids gang in CC,

And from an official POV

Support r/CryptoCurrency with a Membership Add a badge and color to your username Add GIFs to your comments

This new proposal will later be modified into dynamic according to the propsal!

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