The President of El Salvador and CEO of the biggest crypto exchange just trolled the Gold-believer Peter Schiff, on Twitter. This is truly a simulation we live in.


Just today the President of El Salvador and the CEO of Binance trolled Peter Schiff on a tweet about Bitcoin. In the tweet Peter Schiff, the well known Gold-believer and Crypto hater, said that Crypto failed and now institutions are going to back out (meaning that he acknowledged at the first that institutions have actually invested in crypto) and that Saylor nor Nayib Bukele have the guts to hold up crypto now.

Nayib Bukele, the president of a whole country, had enough time to respond here and asked “How’s your bank going?”. That’s a pretty big troll to Peter Schiffs recently set up banks that got closed by Puerto Rico. And yes that was quit some emotional damage. The CEO of Binance responded do his tweet with a Bitcoin meme too.

Even in a bear market we getting no pause on some casual Crypto Twitter drama.

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