The People who now Laugh at Michael Saylor for Buying $400M Worth of Bitcoin at $57,000 are the same People who made Fun of him for Buying at $37,000


Michael Saylor just bought $400M worth of Bitcoin (7,000 BTC), and some people on social media are already claiming that this would be a bad move

Just as a reminder, these replies appeared when he bought at $37,000:

“That’s pretty bearish that you already bought all that Bitcoin and the price kept dropping anyway.”

“how to lose 6.5 million in a day….”

“This guy sucks at buying lmao”

“37? HAHAHAH if you waited a day you could’ve gotten it 5k cheaper”

“Lol wtf you bought at 37k and now we at 32k how it’s possible R u kidding me or market omg”

“Have fun losing all your money”

Exactly the same people are now complaining about him buying at $57,000

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