The overwhelming percentage of the users in here are short term investors, so filter everything you read carefully..


Chasing the pump is not bad. I don’t judge it at all! You can get enormous gains. You will need to be very lucky though. Long term.. That’s the real deal. And you know why most of the users in here are not in for that?

Because if you are long term, you simply don’t care about today’s dip.. You don’t check the charts every five seconds to look if your coin pumped.. You don’t post about your fear.. You don’t ask about predictions.. You don’t shill stupid coins hoping you will pump the price..

Not everyone invests an equal amount of money. Not everyone has the same goals as you. Not everyone’s good or bad is good or bad for you too. Each advice echoes to a different kind of situation.

So, the advice you get in here is most likely by short term investors! Capture this.. And think if that’s what you need! All i am saying is absorb everything with a filter according to your standards and goals, either short or long term..

Edit : To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling, every situation can be different!

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