The most important chart of the year: After all of the drama around FTX, miner capitulation or whatever this year. Bitcoin is still going from block to block as intended.



After this hell of a year with literally the most un-predictable things happening that surely caused a lot of havoc and panic all year long in Crypto. From LUNA to FTX, this year has been literal hell for crypto. And in such a situation its completely normal that humans tend to just look at the ton of negative things happening but not focus on the positive developments in Crypto too. Even if there are not many, there are many crucial ones that are worth more than all the negative events of this year.

One of that is the most simplest thing, the sheer fact that Bitcoin has been going from block to block no matter what was happening or will happen. The blockchain size of BTC is just increasing forever and no matter how huge the miner capitulation may be or the hash rate declines. Bitcoin will regulate itself and push the Difficulty down too, causing more miners to enter and drive the hash-rate back up. Its a self-regulating system.

Bitcoin blockchain size chart from Statista

As we can see on this graph the size of the BTC blockchain is ever-increasing. Now it is as roughly 445GB as we are talking and there has never been any disturbance in that curve. No matter a bear market or some black swan event. On average the blockchain size is said to be increasing 125% in one year.

So lets not just look at the negative things but at the many positive things too.

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