The majority of the public not understanding crypto doesn’t mean we’re early. Most people don’t understand how the established financial systems work in the first place.


**For the record, I DO think we’re early still investing in crypto.**

And if you’ve done good DD on the projects you’re invested in, have mastered the art of the DCA, have learned to balance your mental health/risk tolerance, and lived through the bear and bull cycle a couple times, you’re way ahead on top of it.

**Also, obligatory I don’t know shit about fuck.

As I stated in the title, a majority of the reason people don’t understand crypto stems from the fact they hardly understand (or care to understand) the mechanics of the financial systems we’ve already had for decades. The general public can be pretty ignorant of the finer points of financial affairs, and a lot of them don’t even understand the history and functionality of the money they use everyday.

They don’t know about the Nixon Shock or what that implies about USD. They don’t know how the federal reserve printed roughly 22% of the money in circulation in 2020, or how it ramped up even more to 40% of money in circulation in a little over the past year. They don’t understand the kind of influence over daily events the banking systems holds by being so centralized.

The real indicator, in my opinion, that we’re still early is the lack of adoption of cryptocurrency in the modern world. Even after this process has been more or less completed (however long that will take), most people probably still won’t grasp how the new system they’re using works on too deep of a level.

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