The main reason why I don’t move my assets away from Centralized Exchanges is not because I love them rather because I am too afraid to mess it up even after a test transaction.


Am I the only one?

It’s not like that I am a big fan of Centralized Exchanges, it’s just that uncomfortable feeling of moving them around, especially after so many stories of lost seed phrases, transactions gone wrong, hardware that is malfunctioning etc.

The entire part of moving it to a soft wallet, hard wallet or even to a different exchange is the most stressful experience that I could experience in my crypto journey. Watching the red candles this year seems like nothing compared to the feeling of transferring your assets to a new destination.

It just looks and feels complicated at times as it’s very easy to mess things up big time!

The entire process of moving your assets needs to simplify if we want mass adoption outside the CEX world.

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