The Low Price Paradox


For months, people have been waiting for this moment.

“Oh, what I would do if I could just be able to but just a single Bitcoin”, they said.

“We’ll never see it under $50k. If it were lower, I’d buy more Bitcoin”, they said.

The stars have aligned and Bitcoin is in the mid to low 30s. So did they buy it? Of course not. Now it’s:

“Oh, I wish I had more money to buy the dip”,

“If it hits $20k, I’ll for sure buy it. You know, I don’t want to catch falling knifes!”

We’re experiencing the paradox of low prices. It was good to buy at 50k, but it’s questionable to buy at 35k. Sounds reasonable.

And when this thing goes up to 60k again, we’ll here, “Dammit, I should’ve bought at 35k.”

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