The longer I’m in crypto, the more I lean toward Bitcoin Maximalism


Only been in crypto for two years. At first I invested in all sorts of coins and slowly, as I spent more time researching and learning, began to narrow it down. But the one I keep coming back to, and the one in which my conviction continues to strengthen, is BTC. It keeps weathering storms and coming back, and it’s the most truly decentralized coin I know.

All the recent stuff with LUNA has also swayed me toward BTC.

I don’t think I will ever be a pure 100% BTC maxi. I invest in BTC, ETH, and the Cosmos ecosystem, but the percentage of BTC in my portfolio continues to grow (about 75% now), and it’s the one I feel most secure investing in.

I know I may lose out on some coins that go to the moon far more quickly, but I’ll also miss out on the many more coins that promise the moon yet hardly make it off the launching pad.

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