The internet is heading towards rewarding the user instead of just exploiting them


After signing up to reddit and becoming a part of this beautiful sub I have learned an insane amount of information and this is my take on a small portion of it.

Let’s start with reddit and MOONS. I know at the moment even though the amount of moons per karma has decreased incredibly it’s still such an amazing concept to get your head around. Rewarding the user with tokens that could potentially earn the users money just for providing good content is extraordinary. This seems like a good step in the right direction instead of things like likes on Instagram where their only value is self esteem. In addition, it’s not focused on appearance so it’s a lot less biased; anyone with a good thing to say will be upvoted no matter what they look like.

Next is brave and BATS. I understand that if brave went mainstream then they would earn a ridiculous amount of money through advertisement but this would also then be split with the person that’s getting the advertisement shoved down their throat. I know I would personally prefer to get payed for being manipulated by ads then just be manipulated for free. Not to mention the other benefits brave has to offer.

I think that this is just the start and I’m extremely excited to see where this concept of rewarding the user can go!

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