The Internet Computer was worth hundred billions. Until it wasn’t. Price crashed 93.47% from all time high.


ICP all time high was $700.65 (Coingecko Data) on 11 May 2021. Right now it is trading around $45. To get back to that all time high, $45x = $700.65 => x = 15.55 => ICP would need to go up by 1,455%

This is impossible. Because the initial price was highly overvalued. The current price is kind of revival from forced diamond hands – those lose millions by buying at/near its all time high.

And to be more accurate, the current $45 price is already up from its all time low. This token dropped to $27.44 on 20 Jul 2021. Which means ICP plummeted to the bottom just 9 weeks after the ICO. This is highly unusual for a coin to lose their value that quick from the ICO.

Feel so sorry for those bought this coin at all time high. Their money plummeted very quickly after.

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